About Us

Our Story

Yo MaMa Frozen Yogurt & More was founded in 2011 while my husband and I were sitting at our kitchen table. I was a stay-at-home mom who had always dreamed of owning my own business and searching for something to do in the next stage of my life. My kids were growing up fast and would soon leave the nest. I knew after doing research that I wanted to open up an independent self-serve yogurt shop. It took almost an entire year of planning, permitting, zoning, and build-out before we opened our doors on August 3, 2012.

Finding Our Name

The most frequently asked question, besides “Are you a franchise?” is “Where did you come up with the name Yo MaMa?” It seemed natural to play off the fact that I was a stay-at-home mom. We would laugh and say I would be "the yogurt mom!" Then one day it hit me when my youngest called me mama. She didn’t call me that as much as when she was little but that day it came to me: Yo MaMa!
table and chairs

A Family Business

It’s hard to believe how fast time has passed since that first day when we were sitting at my kitchen table and decided self-serve yogurt would be our family business. My three daughters now work in the business alongside me and my husband. It is truly a family business built on a foundation of love for my family, staff, and customers. My family knows we are truly blessed and we thank God every day for his guidance. Our greatest joy comes from blessing others in our community.
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